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For his first coffee, Sandro has chosen a special blend of South American and Indian beans slow roasted in the Italian tradition that will delight espresso lovers.

  • Coffee – ground (pack of 2)

  • Coffee – beans (pack of 2)

  • Coffee – ground (pack of 5)

  • Coffee – beans (pack of 5)



Sandro’s Signature Series knives are manufactured in Germany by the F. Dick company. The company was founded in Esslingen, Germany in 1778 and is still a family-owned company. Signature Series knives are designed for uncompromising sharpness. The blades are ground extremely slim and the cutting edge is polished. The round shaped, Asian-style handle of the knife offers an extraordinary feel. Even at first sight, the beholder experiences the inspiration and passion emerging from this knife series.

  • Magnetic Design Knife Block

  • Sharpening Steel

  • Paring Knife

  • Bread Knife

  • Chef Knife

  • “Hektor” Butcher Knife

  • Santoku Knife

  • “Ajax” Chef Knife

  • Carving Knife


Pots & pans

Sandro’s Signature Series pots and pans are manufactured in Germany by AMT, a world leader whose cookware is known as “The world’s best pan”, according to VKD, largest German Chefs Association. Not only is cooking made easy with AMT pan designs, it becomes an entirely unique experience that helps to deliver only the most decadent and enjoyable dishes.

You will be pleased to know that AMT cookware products are all dishwasher safe. Throw your AMT frying pan in the dishwasher after use, or give it a good cleanse with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

AMT cookware products can handle the roughest conditions as the distortion-free thermal base of the pans retain optimum flatness under all circumstances. You will love their sleek designs and wide range of options for all of your cooking needs!

  • Frying Pan – 28 cm

  • Braise Pan – 24 cm

  • Braise Pan – 28 cm

  • Square Pan – 20 cm


Cutting Boards

Bamboo cutting boards branded with “Cooking with Sandro” logo.

  • Rectangular Cutting Board – 16 in



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