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We have been blessed with the best partners who support our show and make it possible for us to bring it to your screens. We thank them for believing in us. They are among the best in their respective fields and deserve your support.

Friedr. Dick

Friedr. Dick was founded in Esslingen, Germany in 1778 and is still a family-owned company, more than 240 years. Friedr. Dick is the only manufacturer worldwide offering a complete range of knives, sharpening steels and ancillary items for butchers and chefs, as well as grinding machines.

AMT Cookware

If you’re looking to purchase pans for your many cooking needs, why not make those pans the world’s best? AMT cookware is known as “The world’s best pan”, according to VKD, largest German Chefs Association. With its unmatched quality, your AMT pan is durable, versatile, and made to last a lifetime.

La Barbera

La Barebera is  a food distribution company that specializes in importing Italian products such as pasta, canned tomato sauce and extra virgin olive oil. Yet, their  inventory holds more than 1200 different items to meet all the needs of restaurants, institutions, hotels, events, etc.


truLOCAL is an online marketplace that connects conscious consumers to local suppliers, giving them easy access to quality, locally sourced meat products within their province. Orders are placed online, are fully customizable, and are conveniently shipped directly to you!

IGA Extra Richard Tellier

“IGA Extra Richard Tellier is proud to become a partner in the Cooking with Sandro show. We appreciate Sandro’s dynamism, incredible energy and the great ideas that he brings to all his recipes. We are committed to local ventures and will proudly and closely follow his channel. Cheers to the beginning of a beautiful partnership!”
— The IGA Extra Richard Tellier team

Poissonnerie Casablanca

All their produce is sourced from fishermen who use sustainable methods to provide you with the tastiest seafood. A well-established, family-owned and operated business  committed to offering you only the highest quality products available.

Vinitor Wines

The people at Vinitor wines are true wine connaisseurs. They are importers and distributors of fine wines selected carefuly to satisfy the palates of wine afficionados. They have been with our show from day one and through them our viewers have discovered many hidden treasures

Gagliano Wines

The origins of the Gagliano family are Sicilian, a land rich of ancient history, where viticulture and wine making are deep rooted in its way of life.They work with the same passion and determination that was handed down to them by their ancestors. It is with pride that they bring little Italy to Dunham, Québec.

La Bullerie

La Bullerie is the result of a union between wine aficionados, food buffs and event experts. Good news! La Bullerie is currently working on offering you 100% natural wines!

Le petit coin d’Europe

Sandro swears by the quality and service at this specialty store. A wide selection of imported cheeses, sausages and cold cuts will make your visit a true culinary experience.

Lucky Graphix

Lucky Grafix has been our go-to shop for all our printing needs from day one. Luciano is an efficient and energetic printer who will put his 26 years of experience at your service for all your projects,

J & M Creations Studio

Where you’ll find all your party and customized essentials in one extravagant box!. No idea is too crazy for this innovative group.


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