Lobster Bisque

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Arguably the most popular seafood soup, french lobster bisque will quickly become your favorite as well. Cook it like Sandro and “Vive la France”!

Meat of 2 or 3 cooked lobsters


1/2 cup of butter
1 1/2 minced white onions
3 chopped carrots
3 chopped celery
2 tbsp pink salt
2 tbsp black pepper
3 minced garlic cloves
1 small can of tomato paste
2 tbsp of white flour
2 cups of fish stock
1/2 cup of white wine
Fresh thyme
1 bay leaf
35% cream
1 long green onion

In a hot pot let all the following ingredients simmer for 15 mins: butter, white onions, carrots, celery, salt, black pepper, garlic cloves, tomato paste, white flour, fish stock, white wine, thyme and bay leaf.

Remove Bay leaf. Use hand food processor and blend all ingredients well.

Add Heavy Cream.

Incorporate cooked meat of 2 or 3 full lobsters.

Serve with minced green onions.

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