Natassa and Sandro

About us

Natassa Karazozis

The creative and technical heart and soul behind the success of “Cooking with Sandro”, Natassa delivers Sandro’s energy onto our screens. Her attention to detail in every frame brings exceptional quality to a live experience.

With tremendous patience she follows Sandro with her camera as he  delivers his particular brand of cooking in a 10 minute whirlwind that culminates in exceptional creations. Natassa captures it all with one camera in constant motion without missing a beat.

Natassa is also the face and spokesperson for Sandro coffee in all its advertising and last but not least, she is the official photographer for Alfonso the squirrel, the team’s mascot.

Sandro Mauro

The passion for food inherited through his Italian heritage combines with a boundless energy to create a unique cooking experience.

He is a natural born entertainer who comes alive in front of a camera. His passion for life transcends the screen as he performs.

Using only fresh ingredients, Sandro cooks dishes inspired by international recipes and flavors. In 10 minute capsules he delivers dishes that should inspire even cooking novices to prepare meals that live up to his mantra: “Fresh – Nice – Done.”



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